chris chris, August 14, 2018

Ever wanted to slack off, shuffle around a little bit, and not really do stuff you’re supposed to do like Governor Northam and David Paylor’s DEQ? Let’s drink about it!

350 Loudoun is hosting “An Underachievers 0.5K Marathon and Fundraiser”, inspired by Governor Northam and the DEQ’s spectacular failure thus far to protect Virginians from the Atlantic Coast and Mountain Valley Pipelines. After a few speakers and a costume contest, we’ll adjourn to one of the many fine bars in Loudoun. Proceeds are to benefit front-line pipeline fighters via AAPLegalFund and VAIPL.

Location: TBD, but somewhere in Loudoun
Time: 1pm, September 8th.
Cost: $20 to participate, $35 if you want a shirt.

Like the underachievers at DEQ and the Governor, we don’t really have it all figured out yet, so details of the event are subject to change. We’ll use science, and hopefully it’ll all be alright.


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