350loudoun 350loudoun, August 17, 2015

This year at the Lucketts Fair, 350 Loudoun engaged with more people than ever before! Roughly 70 copies of “Climate Change: Evidence and Causes”, overview by the U.S. National Academy of Sciences and the British Royal Society were distributed to interested and concerned citizens. We met very interesting people and several that had recently installed solar panels. One gentleman from Maryland installed panels at no cost to himself through a Power Purchase Agreement, which is easier to do in MD. Another gentleman stated “The climate is always changing,” which I interpreted as not believing in climate change. What was really interesting about him, was his interest in solar panels. Another part of our exhibit that got considerable attention were the Sustainability Mini-Quilts. All in all, our experience this year was extremely positive! Special thanks to those who helped: Scott Sandberg, Sandy Lockhart, and Maria Bergheim who also helped me deliver the tent and exhibit materials on Friday. -Natalie Pien

Tent and display at Lucketts Fair