Why oppose the ACP and MVP?

More information:

We have some very well collected information in this video series from an event 350 Loudoun co-hosted with Sierra Club, CCAN, and Wild Virginia on June 17th 2017

Part 1: Susan Stillman & Kelsey Crane (Sierra Club):

Part 2: Kirk Bowers (Sierra Club)

Part 3: Thomas Hadwin

Part 4: Ernie Reed (Wild Virginia, Friends of Nelson)

Part 5: Kelsey Crane (Sierra Club)

What you can do to help:

  • Contact your Delegate, State Senator, Governor McAuliffe, Governor-Elect Northam, and the DEQ Water Control Board. Demand a stream-by-stream water quality evaluation. Tell them why you think that certification under section 401 of the clean water act should be denied.
  • Volunteer with groups opposing the ACP and MVP.
  • Start thinking about the possibility of nonviolent civil disobedience should construction begin, and attend direct action training events as they come up
  • Go to the State Water Control Board hearings in December, and put in public comments. The schedule for those hearings can be found here: http://www.deq.virginia.gov/ConnectWithDEQ/PublicCalendar.aspx