Stop the Rockwool Ranson Factory!

Hopefully most of us in Loudoun are at least a little aware of the Rockwool Factory proposal in Ranson WV, Jefferson County after Loudoun Now did a front-page story on it. For more thorough info, please read this Fact Sheet.

Rockwool will pollute the air on a scale unseen in Jefferson County

Rockwool will be a major source of at least nine different categories of air pollution that deteriorate air quality and harm human health. The plant’s huge industrial furnaces and large-scale use of hazardous chemicals make it far dirtier than traditional manufacturing, and unlike any facility in the region.

So how does this affect Loudoun County?

Well… The Rockwool factory would go right across route 9 from North Jefferson Elementary School. It would also be within 10,000feet of T.A. Lowery Elementary, Jefferson High School, and Wildwood Middle School, as well as two freestanding daycare centers. The prevailing wind direction in the area is WNW… Take a look at this map:

It’s easy to see that the wind could very easily carry emissions from that Factory across the border, right to all those nice farms, breweries, and wineries in Western Loudoun. So what’s potentially in those emissions?

Rockwool will emit cancer-causing chemicals

Rockwool will be West Virginia’s second largest emitter of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)– that’s #2 out of all significant polluting sites across the state. The VOC payload includes 6 different known or suspected cancer-causing chemicals:
Acetaldehyde, Formaldehyde, Biphenyl, 1,3-Butadiene, Naphthalene, and Benzene.

That’s some dangerous stuff. Formaldehyde for example, is a neurotoxin that damages memory, concentration, behavior, and physical dexterity in children.

So how do we help stop it?

We organize. We raise awareness on the Virginia side, coordinate with the folks In Jefferson County that are trying to stop the factory, and support them.

Please fill out this web form to let us know that you’re interested in helping out, and so that we can use modern tools like email and phones to reach you for related events. The only required fields are your name and email address.

Resources (PDF): <— There’s a petition here that could use your signature.

EPSC Copy of Rockwool Information

EPSC Copy of Rockwool Information EP Sierra Rockwool Permit Letter


Here’s some nice posters made by Apis Orphic (PDF):

We’ll update this page as we have more information…. check back once in a while!